Sunita Kamboj A poetess and writer

Sunita Kamboj  A poetess and writer

Sunita Kamboj is a well known poetess and writer. She is influential in writing the poems in Hindi and participated in several poem competitions, festivals and occassions (kavi samelans). She ishavingdouble M.A. in Hindi & History. Website: FB Page:  

Deepak Kamboj

Deepak Kamboj started and conceptualized the powerful interactive platform - in September 2002, which today is the biggest and most popular online community portal for Kambojas in the world. He was inspired by the social and community work carried out by his father Shri Nanak Chand Kamboj. He has done research on the history, social aspects, political growth and economical situation of the Kamboj community. Deepak Kamboj is an author of various articles about the history of Kamboj community and people.