Statue of Shaheed Udham Singh to be installed in Delhi

Statue of Shaheed Udham Singh to be installed in Delhi

Today's day is very fortunate for all the residents of Hari Nagar assembly constituency of Delhi, Kamboj community and entire patriotic community as their long-standing demand for installing the statue of Shaheed Udham Singh has been finally approved by Delhi government.

Shaheed Udham Singh Seva Dal was requesting Delhi government for last 20 years for installing the status to pay homage to the great martyr of Indian freedom struggle, Shaheed Udham Singh.

There were numerous efforts from local residents and Kamboj community and finally the demand has been fulfilled, under the guidance of Sardar Jagdeep Singh Chief whip and local MLA DELHI government. The work has started at the roundabout for beautification & installation of the mammoth statue of Shaheed Shiromani Udham Singh. This grand statue will be an inspiration for generations to come.

KambojSociety is thankful to Naresh Handa, President and Rajesh Handa, Vice President of International Sarav Kamboj Samaj, Delhi Unit, local MLA Jagdeep Singh and Harjit Singh Romi, President, Shaheed Udham Singh Seva Dal for their efforts for getting approval for installation of the statue of Shaheed Udham Singh Ji in Delhi, the National Capital of India.

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