Rai Jado Rai Kamboj of Khemkaran

Rai Jado Rai Kamboj of Khemkaran

Rai Jado Rai was a noble in the Mughal court during the early days of Akbar and had wielded considerable influence. He founded a village called Rai Pore.

Rai Narayan Das

He was the son of Rai Jado Rai and also was a noble in the Mughal court during Akbar.

Rai Bidi Chand

He was the son of Rai Narayan Das and grandson of Rai Jado. He also wielded great influence in Jahangir's court. He expanded the boundaries of his village Rai Pur which he renamed as Raipore Bidi Chand. Rai Bidi Chand had two sons viz Rai Dalpat and Rai Khemkaran and one daughter named Bibi Ramo. The total Jagir in the name of Raipur Bid Chand at this time is said to be 52 villages. Rai Bidi Chand gave 8 villages of his Jagir in marriage to his daughter Bibi Ramo.

Rai Dalpat Rai

He was an important noble in the Mughal court and held a mansab of 1000 men during the reign of Shah Jahan. Two Kamboj colonies in Lahore known as Kambohwaras were founded by Rai Dalpat. He also founded another Kamboj colony in Sutar Mandi. Rai Dalpat Rai had five sons viz Haspat Rai, Bhupat Rai, Gajpat Rai, Raghupat Rai and Narpat Rai. Narpat Rai moved to Delhi and permanently settled there. Rai Gajpat Rai was a high ranking military officer but had embraced Islam during Aurangzeb's rule. He was renamed as Abdul Mahbud Khan Sajani. He was also conferred the title of Nawab. Following the example of Rai Gajpat Rai, the entire Kamboj community of one of the two Kamboj colonies of Lahore also embraced Islam.

Rai Khemkaran

He held the office of Dewan in the court of Shah Jahan. He founded an important town called Khemkaran near Kasur which was a very important town before the partition. It now lies on the Indo-Pak border in District Amritsar but has lost all its former prestige and glory.

All the Hindu or Sikh Kamboj of Khem Karan referenced above belonged to the Nibber clan of the Kamboj.

Bibi Ramo's lineage

From the lineage of Bibi Ramo (Ram Kaur) came two illustrious personages viz. Raja Sangat Rai and Raja Roshan Rai. Raja Roshan Rai was Dewan of Karam-ud-Din, the Prime Minister of Mughal emperor Bahadhur Shah and was conferred the title of Raja. Raja Sangat Rai was Dewan of the Governor of Lahore and also held the title of Raja. They both belonged to Nepal or Naipal clan of the Kamboj which is the second most important clan of the Khemkaran Kambojs.

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