Gurinderpal Singh Josan - A Prominent Sikh of USA

Gurinderpal Singh Josan - A Prominent Sikh of USA

Gurinderpal Singh Josan was born in a Gurusikh family in the Holy city of Sri Amritsar Sahib, in 1968. Shri Josan completed his early education in D.G. High School founded by the famous poet Sardar Vidhata Singh Teer and later deemed his graduation from the prestigious institution of North India, Khalsa College, Amritsar. S. Josan received his Master Degree from Punjab University Chandigarh and is pursuing his Ph. D. on Saragarhi. During his teens, he started writing on themes like Bhai Joga Singh of Peshwar, Sri Hemkunt Sahib, on sports and on martyrs of the Saragarhi battle.

After completing his education he got the first job as a Computer Teacher to educate 10th-grade students under a Govt. Project. Along with his job, is an excellent sportsperson having Fifth-degree Black Belt in Karate, he started training students this martial art and has trained 1,500 students in 10 SGPC institutions and 5,000 students in another institution. Being a baptised Sikh, he is the first full-fledged Sikh International Karate Coach. He has fifth Dan Black Belt. He is the only Sikh in the Goju-Ryu Kugekai World-body, as its Regional Incharge of South Asia, Europe, and America.

"If one wants to work on something that one aspires to do, one doesn't have to be pushed, the vision pulls him". Drawing inspiration from Bhagat Puran Singh Ji of Pingalwara, S.  Josan started Sikhi projects single-handedly as advised by Bhagat Ji, who told him not to wait for any organization to take the lead. While in school, he observed that the Historic Gurdwara Sahib named after Saragarhi Martyrs, established by the British in 1901 was not visited by Sangat. Using his pocket money, he started Martial Arts training there. Soon, word spread and regular Kirtan Darbars were started. S. Josan leads Cycle Yatra for Sapt Sring (Sri Hemkunt Sahib) in 1988 with 13 youngsters from Sri Amritsar. S.Josan did Nishan Sahib Sewa (one of the toughest and scared holy task) on Sapt Sring (Sri Hemkunt Sahib) from 1990 to 1997. He also wrote a book on Hemkunt Sahib, which was published in five editions.

Gurinderpal Singh Josan landed on US soil in 1997 to participate in the International Karate Tournament. Soon he was persuaded by the Sikh Community members to stay on. He then conducted various Gurmat and Martial Arts camps in the several US States. While imparting sports education, he was blessed by Guru Sahib to retain his Sikh identity, for which he refused to take up many jobs which involved selling Tobacco products. He succeeded in inspiring many youths to regrow hair and beard. He is the first baptised Sikh as NYC full Marathoner and has been organising Long Island 5k Run and Vaisakhi 5k Run since 2014. 

While in the USA, he started writing articles on Saragarhi Saga and also succeeded in tracing 19 out of 21 families of Martyrs. Then, after a long gap, in 2011, he obtained the first photograph of Saragarhi from Army Museum in the U.K. He has the privilege to invite the British Army officers, at state level events in India and America, for Saragarhi Commemoration.

With his efforts on 120th Commemoration, The Punjab State Govt. declared a holiday in the state. Gurinderpal Singh Josan didn't stop here. With the help of families of Martyrs, which are now exhibited in 18 galleries around the world. The original prints are at the Gallery at Punjab State War Heroes Memorial and Museum, Sri Amritsar. He also presented a model Saragarhi post to SGPC, which is well placed at Saragarhi Sarai reception on heritage street, near historic Gurudwara Saragarhi at Amritsar. In July 2019, Guru Sahib blessed him to become the first Sikh to unfurl the Nishan Sahib at the original post site of the Saragarhi battle after performing Ardas there. 

He is the Founder/President of the following foundations: 

  • Founder-President of Sikhs In America Inc.  
  • Chairman of Saragarhi Foundation Inc. 
  • Founder-President of Rababi Bhai Mardana ji Foundation Inc.  
  • Founder of Saada Sanjha Punjab (Indo-Pak org.)  
  • President of Okinawa Goju-Ryu karate-do kugekai Association of India  
  • Race-Director of Long Island 5k Run, New York.

Gurinderpal Singh. Josan has been bestowed with various awards and recognitions for his contribution towards the community and society.

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