Kambojas in Manusmriti

Kambojas in Manusmriti

Manusmriti informs us that, in consequence of the omission of sacred Brahmanical rituals/codes and of their not heeding to the Brahmanans, the following noble Kshatriyas (Kshatriya Jatayah) have gradually sunk in this world to the state of vrishalatam i.e. become degenerate Kshatriyas: the Paundrakas, Chodas, Dravidas, Kambojas, Yavanas, Shakas, Paradas, Pahlavas, Chinas, Kiratas and Daradas.

A similar information on Kamboja, Saka, Yavana and other tribes is also contained in the Anusasanaparva of Mahabharata which also states that due to neglect of Brahmanas, these noble Kshatriya clans have sunken to vrishalatvam i.e. become degraded Kshariyas or Vratyas.

Based on this information of Manusmriti and Mahabharata, the scholars have listed the Kambojas, Sakas, Yavanas, Pahlavas, Kiratas, Chinas and other ancient Kshatriya clans as Vratya Kshatriyas or degraded Kshatriyas etc.