Handa Clan - Prominent clan of Kamboj

Handa Clan - Prominent clan of Kamboj

The Handa (Punjabi: ?????, Uude: ?????, Hindi: ?????)is a prominent gotra or clan or sub-caste of Kamboj community originating from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. Handa People alongside other people belongs to Kamboj / Kamboh people who arethe group of Indo-Aryan peoples. They originated in Batala of Punjab in India. Handa is Handas are all Punjabi's and are Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims. Many Handa trace their origin to the Pakistani districts of Punjab: Lahore, Gujranwala and Gujrat District|Gujrat. Lakhanwal Khas and Jalalpur Jattan are two towns within the Gujrat district that spawned many Handa's. After Pakistani independence many Handa left their native homes in Pakistan and relocated to various parts of Northern India. Many Handa can be found in regions like Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Kashmir and Rajasthan. Some Handa families may also be found in mid- and southern parts of India; especially those families that are a part of the Indian armed forces.


The majority of Handa are Hindu|Hindus and Sikh|Sikhs. They are descendants of the Suryavansha or Solar Dynasty (S?rya-va??a). This dynasty is one of the oldest and ruling Kshatriya dynasties of India. The Solar Dynasty is also known as ?dityavan?a (?????????), Mitravan?a (????????) and Arkavan?a (???????). The handa's were an ancient and prominent Kshatriya tribe of northwest India, attested in the Samaveda, Atharvaveda, Yajurveda, Mahabharata, Valmiki Ramayana, numerous Puranas, Manusmriti and a host other ancient Sanskrit and Pali texts. Ancient Sanskrit and Pali texts such as Ashtadhyayi#Ashtadhyayi|Ashtadhyayi of P??ini,[1] Manusmriti,[2] Mahabharata,[3] Kautiliya's Arthashastra,[4] Harivamsa,[5] Vayu Purana,[6] Brahmanda Purana[7] and several other authorities that the ancestors of the modern Kambojas, in ancient times, were prominent Kshatriyas[8] and were established in the Kshatriya-Dharama as a warriors and a rulers.[9][10] They have been stylized as Rajaniyas as well as Kshatriyas in these ancient texts. The Handas, alongside other Kshatriya warrior clans, played a crucial part in shaping India's Aryan history.

Role in Mughal rule

The Hada (Handa) warrior clan was mentioned during the Mughal Empire|Mughal Period in India. The Hada were a Rajput clan in Rajputana (now Rajasthan) and were said to be the bravest and most loyal. This clan was later disbanded and dispersed throughout India. Those who went to Gujrat in the Punjab were called "Handa", while those who went to Maharashtra became "Hande", those who went to Kashmir became "Handoo" and those who went to Haryana became "Hudda/ Hooda".


  • Jasjeet Kaur Handa - Hockey player and winner of an Arjuna award
  • Vipin Handa - Television personality and film critic.
  • Sophia Handa - Mrs Gladrags winner 2009 and Bollywood actress.
  • Rupinder Handa - Punjabi singer, Winner of Awaaz Punjabi Di (in 2005).
  • Pooja Handa - Canadian television reporter for CP24.
  • Jagdish Handa - President's Council and a Qualifying MDRT* Agent in New York Life since 1987.[11]
  • Col Ajit Handa- Indian Army officer from Nagpur (Maharashtra).
  • Er Ashish Ajit Handa, MD GenXCoders,[12] Nagpur Maharashtra.
  • Ravi Handa-Handa ka Funda.
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