All Pakistan Kamboh Convention 2015

All Pakistan Kamboh Convention 2015

On 22nd March 2015, All Pakistan Kamboh Convention was held at Kamboh Complex Karachi. The purpose was to awake nation from slumber. It aimed to impart the education among its people. Education has civilized the man since the world came into existence. The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) has also been educated by Gabriel through God. By him Prophet was taught (Iqra) which means read. Kamboh community lacks education among all nations of Asia. The purpose of such an organised Convention is to spread the knowledge to aware Kamboh youngsters and upcoming generation. Education can give Kamboh Community scholars, scientists, writers, philosophers, professors,
politicians, lawyers, inspectors and teachers. These educated professional will infuse a spirit among farther settled Kamboh Community, which will lead to the success of the nation. Without education people of our Community are dumb, blind and deaf who cannot prove their existence with proud among other nations. 22nd march 2015, Kamboh Convention was based on the connection of education. Moreover, other basic issues of community like marriages/property disputes and conflicts and other social issues are under consideration. For the services of nation the individual differences should be dissolved into making a collective strength of Community. The bright and intelligent students of Kamboh Community should not cease their progress on fear of expense. Kamboh Welfare
Anjuman and Kamboh Welfare Trust is supporting, moreover it will be supporting such students on financial needs. These bright students are helped socially, financially and morally by Kamboh Welfare Anjuman and Trust Karachi. In the same way it is rendering its services in the field of medicine.
Kamboh Convention has been planning further for more progressive and constructive work and aid for the nation. This Convention organises the programs which helps to collect charity. This charity is utilized for needy Kambohs first, later for others.

Muhammad Ibrahim Kamboh
Anjuman-e-Kambohan Pakistan (Sindh)