Jammu is prominent subcaste of Kamboj community

Jammu is prominent subcaste of Kamboj community

Jammu (जम्मू) is a subcaste of Kamboj clan and community found in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal and other parts of India. Some of people belongs to this Jammu subcaste also found in Punjab state of Pakistan. Jammu falls under 52 gotra (broad division) of Kamboj caste. Jammu sub-caste alongside other Kamboj / Kamboh people belong to the group of Indo-Aryan peoples.

Etymology: The various variations / derivations for Jammu are used: Jammu or Jammun

Udham Singh Kamboj was a son of Tehal Singh and born on 26th December, 1899 at Sunam, Sangrur District, Punjab. He belonged to Kamboj family of Jammu gotra (sub-caste) and by his historic martyrdom upheld the valiant Kshatriya tradition of the Kambojas, a tradition which they have always kept up since their glorious Vedic Aryan days.

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जम्मू आधुनिक काम्बोज जाति का गोत्र / उपजाति है। यह गोत्र काम्बोज जाति के 52 गोत्र (व्यापक विभाजन) के अंतर्गत आता है।

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