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Kamboja Kingdom

Kamboja or Kamvoja is a kingdom grouped among the western kingdoms in the epic Mahabharata. Western kingdoms were cold countries and people used blankets. They also reared sheep and drank sheep... more »
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Bhai Mahi Singh Sunam

This page is Under-Construction and will be launched very soon.  more »
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Bhai Dayala Ji

Bhai Dayal Dass Ji was son of Bhai Mai Dass and younger brother of martyr Bhai Mani Singh ji. His grandfather, Balu Ram had attained martyrdom while fighting in Guru Hargobind's first battle... more »
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Bhai Mani Singh

Bhai Mani Singh was a great Sikh personality of eighteenth century and occupies a very esteemed position in Sikh history. He assumed the control and steered the course of the Sikh destiny at a... more »
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Shaheed Udham Singh

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Baba Bhumman Shah Ji

Baba Bhumman Shah, (also known as Baba Bhuman Shah, born Bhumia Hassa) is counted among the top Udasi saints of India. He was born on April 14, 1687 CE at village Behlolpur, Tehsil... more »
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Komedes (KambojDesh)

Komedes is the Classical antiquity|classical name applied to the people, who, as the scholars believe, had followed Scythian culture. They were located around Mt Kumuda as well as within... more »
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Kamboja (Ancient Kamboj Country)

Kamboja (Sanskrit: कम्बोज्) was the ancient name of a country, and the Indo-Iranian Kshatriya tribe, the Kambojas, settled therein. The country is listed... more »
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