King Srindra Varmana Kamboja

King Srindra Varmana Kamboja

King Srindra Varmana Kamboja(??????? ??????? ???????? ????) according to the Skanda Purana(????? ????? ) was a king of the Kamboja Kingdom.[1] Srindra Varmana is said to have installed the image of Varahadeva in his capital and made a gold throne for it.[2] The kingdom of Kamboja of the Skanda Purana is said to have encompassed about ten lakh (=one million) villages and towns.[3] This big number undoubtedly is a Puranic exaggeration, but, at least, it irrefragably establishes that ancient Kamboja country was indeed a considerable kingdom.[4][5]

Skanda Purana


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