Kamboj in Business

Kamboj in Business

The Kambojs/Kambohs practicedweapon-worshipin the past but the practice is now going out of vogue. Numerous foreign and Indian writers have described the modern Kambojs/Kambohs as one of the finest class of agriculturists of India.

The Kambojs have made great contributions in agriculture and military fields. The majority ofKrishi Panditawards nRajasthan/India have been won by the Kamboj agriculturists.[15]Col Lal Singh Kamboj, a landlord from Uttar Pradesh, was the first Indian farmer to win thePadma Shriaward for progressive farming in 1968. According toM. S. Randhawa(Ex-Vice Chancellor,Punjab University,"For sheer tenacity and persistence no body can beat Kambohs".

But now lot of Kamboj / Kamboh are doing a business and they are successful in their fields. c2.kamboj images (19) T_35361 download (3) images (18) images (17) kambok images (15) Menu-Kamboj-Sweets Please click the below link to find the listing of the various listings of Kamboj in Business. https://www.justdial.com/National-Search/Kamboj-Dharamshala Please send the details of your business, catalogues to info@kambojsociety.com to get listed on the kambojsociety.com web site.  

Deepak Kamboj

Deepak Kamboj started and conceptualized the powerful interactive platform - KambojSociety.com in September 2002, which today is the biggest and most popular online community portal for Kambojas in the world. He was inspired by the social and community work carried out by his father Shri Nanak Chand Kamboj. He has done research on the history, social aspects, political growth and economical situation of the Kamboj community. Deepak Kamboj is an author of various articles about the history of Kamboj community and people.