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Q. What is this website about? is a unique platform where people can exchange and share their views about the very ancient and historical Kamboja Community belonging to the famous Indo-Aryan race. It provides a revolutionary way to know & share information about Kamboja Community on internet. It also gives valuable information about the Kamboj people and their history, culture, civilisation, religion, social aspects, language, traditions, political growth and economical situation.

Q. Is this website intented for Kambojas only?
No. This website also provides biographical sketch ok Kamboj people, Kamboj countries, Kamboj rule, Colonies/ Kingdoms and great Kamboj heroes and their contribution in the freedom struggle and history of India.
This website is open to everybody who wants to know about the Kamboj Community and their history & culture. Is this website for people from a specific religion?
No. This website is a secular, purely non-religious & non-sectarian and anybody can use it. Members can post their own views but official we are secular and impartial.

Q. I read on another forum, some material written against
Efforts were made with a view of providing better service and online media of the but whosoever gives wrong information, distort the facts & spread false propaganda against need to be ignored.

Q. Who runs
We are happy that you want to know more about the people who are working behind this web portal. This site was founded on September 14, 2003 and run by Deepak Kamboj, a Computer Engineer by Profession and is supported by Mr. Nanak Chand Kamboj and Vikram Kamboj. The main aim of is to preserve the ancient history of our ancestors (Indo-Aryan Kamboj).

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Q. Can I join the Group that runs?
Any interested & dedicated person can join Efforts are being put to organise the Team so that more dedicated members are invited to join us.

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Q. How can I contact
Please use the following form to contact use the following form to contact

Q. Can I add my website/ homepage's link at
Yes. You can add your link if its related to Kamboj Community. We will even add the personal pages of the members who belong to Kamboj Community.

Q. Who are the Kambojas?
Kamboj is frequently used as surname or last name by many Kambojs, currently living in India. Their Muslim counter-parts living in Pakistan mostly use Kamboh instead. The Kambojs/Kambohs are the modern reprentatives of ancient Kambojas, a well known Kshatriya clan of Indo-Iranian Aryans, stated to have had both Indian as well as Iranian affinities

Q. In which regions of the world are the Kambojas mainly found?
Kambojas are mostly found in North West, Upper India and ruled India comprising of North of Kashmir, Hindukush mountains and its adjoining geographical areas including North-West fountains of India comprising Afganistan, Parts of Tajikstan, Ujbekstan, Kafirstan & Pamir Badakstan States, Iran and Cambodia/ Campuchia. Kambojas have also ruled Gujarat, Sindh, Rajasthan, Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Western Uttar Pradesh, Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Madya Pradesh, Dinajpur in Bangladesh and areas between Bengal & Burma/ Myanmar.

Q. Are Kambojas a Caste in terms of the Indian Caste System?
Kamboj is frequently used as surname or last name by many Kambojs, currently living in India. Their Muslim counter-parts living in Pakistan mostly use Kamboh instead. So Kamboj or Kamboh is used as Caste in terms of the Indian Caste System by the Kamboj community. The modern Kamboj are said to be divided into two divisions of 52 and 84 clans names (subcastes or gotras).

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Q. Give some stats on the Kamboj Community both regional and religious.
The total population of Kamboj Community in India is about one crore comprising of Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhist and Jains and mostly resides in North-West Indian states. The population of Kamboj Community in Pakistan is also about one crore and they are mostly Muslims. The 70% population of Cambodia is Kamboj and are mostly Buddhists and Hindus. Kambojas are also found in Indo-China, Iran and Afghanistan.

Q. Give me the list of some Famous Kambojas (both past and present) who made a big name in their respective fields.

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