Aekus Kamboj - UNEP Chair

Aekus Kamboj - UNEP Chair

Aekus Kamboj, aMUN enthusiast, from New Delhi, India. Born in the state of Punjab and brought up in New Delhi. She is a passionate learner and world traveler. Aekus has an impeccable record and experience in Model United Nations circuit. She has participated and won accolades in over 22 most prestigious conferences such as Harvard MUN, SMUN, Asia-Pacific MUN, and at National circuit as well. She has been an arbitrary observer for the Indo -Viet relationship at Mekong Delta Vietnam. Shehas been pleasantly interacting with all walks of life and has been actively involved in social activitiesat elderly homes, medical check up camps for slum dwellers, and national NGO's for the same. She enjoys spending time with friends and reading socio political books. Aekus is thrilled and eager to meet you all in Sunny Barcelona!

About UNEP

The UN Environmental Programme, founded in 1972,is the leading global environmental authority. In their own words, their mission is to"provide leadership and encourage partnership in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing, and enabling nations and peoples to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations." It sets the global environmental agenda andpositively promotes the implementation of the environmetal dimenasion of the sustainable development goals, between others. For more information, please visit:

Deepak Kamboj

Deepak Kamboj started and conceptualized the powerful interactive platform - in September 2002, which today is the biggest and most popular online community portal for Kambojas in the world. He was inspired by the social and community work carried out by his father Shri Nanak Chand Kamboj. He has done research on the history, social aspects, political growth and economical situation of the Kamboj community. Deepak Kamboj is an author of various articles about the history of Kamboj community and people.