269th MahaPrinirwan Day of Baba Bhuman Shah Ji

269th MahaPrinirwan Day of Baba Bhuman Shah Ji

The 269th MahaPrinirwan Day of Saint Baba Bhumman Shah Ji will be celeberated at Dera Baba Bhuman Shah Ji, Sangar Sarista (Sirsa) Haryana from 22th December 2016 to 27th December 2016. A large number of devotees and people of all Religions: Hindu, Muslims, Sikh, Christian will visit the Dera to seek the blessings of Baba Bhuman Shah Ji because of his Spiritual Grace, Love, Affection and Generosity towards all the communities.

Free food (langar) will be served to the followers and visitors. Free Food will be provided round the clock for three continuous days. The dera will also be organizing a mela for the devotees and visitors.

Baba Braham Dass Ji will be preaching the teachings of Baba Bhuman Shah Ji, obliging and pleasing the followers.
Millions of people have become the Disciples and Followers of Dera Baba Bhuman Shah. All the followers realize Baba Braham Dass as the Avtar (incarnation) of Baba Bhuman Shah Ji. They are getting fulfilled their desires by bowing their heads to Baba Braham Dass Ji and touching his Holy Feet and getting the Blessings. This is the wish of all the followers that Baba Bhuman Shah Ji and Baba Braham Dass may keep them near Their Feet and shower Their Blessings so that Humanity may flourish.